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It started with two young brothers from Brooklyn, New York trying to entertain themselves using action figures and imaginary adventures of super hero characters... Fast forward over 20 years later, and now it's grown and evolved into amazing stories for all the world to see. No matter where you're from, dreams can become reality.

Phantom Four Author & Co-Creator



Primary creator, author, character designer, and storywriter. He co-created the Phantom Four themselves, created their name & dark origin, and created some of their villians. He has also written their stories of today -- such as the stories in Children Of The Grave and Dark Evolution. By himself, he created characters such as Darkfire, Omen, Vanessa Carter, and the demonic Kable.

​Roger is an author, poet, college graduate, and proud Christian who has created and written fictional stories for many years, and has an unbridled passion for his work. He is a son, a brother, and an uncle of seven. He works relentlessly in the hopes that Phantom Four will become a multimedia success on the silver screen, on video game consoles, and/or on television.

Phantom Four Co-Creator



Secondary creator, and early story creator. He co-created the Phantom Four themselves, and created some of their villians. In the past, he also thought of most of their earlier stories - such as the unreleased "Egyptian Saga." By himself, he created characters such as Inferno, Erica Smith, Skittles, and the ages-old gypsy Memory. 

​Ever since his brother came out with the novels, Brian - who is a college graduate, has been proud and supportive, at times offering ideas, constructive criticism, and even motivation. He hopes that Phantom Four will reach amazing heights, and believes one day it will, despite the many obstacles.

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