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This is the shortened collection of positive reviews that Phantom Four has received and are extremely proud of and thankful for. We have received only a couple of negative and mixed reviews as well, but we understand that no book can please everyone. Still, we are happy to report that the vast majority of reviews have been positive. You can see these reviews in their entirety at and (WARNING: Some of the reviews there contain spoilers. This page is spoiler-free.)



Phantom Four: Children of the Grave


"To have the weight of the world thrust on your shoulders can prove quite the challenge. Phantom Four is a story of four brothers who... find that they share a combined purpose. They find they have more power than they ever dreamed of, but the purpose of this power is to protect New York City from an oncoming demon invasion. Phantom Four is an excellent action and adventure novel, recommended." - John Burroughs, Midwest Book Review (Perfect 5 stars)


"Upon opening the pages, I knew I dove into something unique. The sentences are not too long. Short breaks makes this an easy read... more interesting than most novels. The story is engaging enough to keep interest and the characters are well though out...I hope to read more from this author." - Ami Blackwelder, Hot Gossip Hot Reviews (4 stars)


"This is most definitely a book for adults. It has a little something for everyone--romance, humor, mystery, suspense, sex and horror. The fight scenes are graphic and the action does not stop. Roger Wilson gives us four fantastic characters ...and an adventure that will keep you reading until you close the covers. This is a totally different kind of read and it is completely interesting and riveting. ...He has made a memorable entrance into the world of fiction and I have a feeling he will have a lot more to say." - Amos Lassen, Amazon top 50 reviewer (Perfect 5 stars)


"I rather enjoyed this book and was glad to ask to read it. First this book has something for everyone mystery, thriller, suspense, sex, horror, humor, romance etc. You can not go wrong with this book. You get attached to the characters and feel like you know all the brothers and their problems... This is a great read for anyone young adult to adult you will enjoy it." - Barbara Hightower, Babs' World Of Books (4 stars)


"The foursome meets women they like and grow stronger as does the curse inside of them. Soon, they find themselves at the front of a war; the battle zone is New York City and the enemy is Lucifer’s devils from hell with their beloved women their only anchor to sanity. This is an exciting urban fantasy with a key romantic subplot that is cleverly interwoven into the action-packed story line... Readers will enjoy taking the 'subway to hell' as train conductor Roger Wilson provides a thrilling ride." - Harriet Klausner, Amazon's #1 reviewer (Perfect 5 stars)


"Mr. Wilson has begun a series with characters who leap from the page and come to life for the reader. This story is well thought out and progresses at an even pace allowing the reader to follow along and enjoy the story as it unfolds. The paranormal aspects and superhuman powers blend in well in the contemporary setting in which the majority of the story in placed. ...It was beautiful how the guys immediately began to help people when they had no idea why they were even brought back... Their desire to protect others is one that I wish more people felt. ...It is my hope that I haven’t seen the last of Kevin, Rex, Paul, and Oscar’s story." - Teresa Eick (4 stars)


"I liked the premise of "Phantom Four: Children of the Grave." Reading about superheroes is always fun... As much as I didn't like the swearing, perversion and violence, I do admit that the book held my interest. It was entertaining and the flow of the story went well." - Tracey Rock, Reader Views (4 stars)


"The story is easy to follow and is uniquely written in a screenplay format. The action of the story is another unique feature of the book. Many of the scenes are very visual and read like scenes out of a Japanese animated movie or even a fighting video game such as Tekken or Mortal Kombat. Even some of the dialogue helps to relay this same feeling. ...In fact Phantom Four is really a graphic novel without the graphics. If you like action packed fight scenes, battles between good and evil then this is a book for you." - Henry V. Lyons, author of Supernature (4 stars)


"The story is rather easy to follow ... I ask of others as I did of myself when I first started reading this book - have an open mind... The books pulls you out of your seat and takes you to a place where you haven't been before ... as the plot unfolds, you are able to feel yourself in the story with the characters. As the brothers try to rediscover themselves and position themselves as heroes, you grow close to them. It's every bit of fantasy, fiction, and delight that a reader who enjoys these types of stories can hope for. It will keep you on the edge of your chair the whole time ... a very interesting story with a compelling plot, and a great deal of creativity. Believe me, it's nothing like anything you've ever read before!" - Elise L. Connors, Outskirts Press (4 stars)

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