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WARNING: Contains some spoilers. Don't read unless you want some surprises revealed...

Phantom Four, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Four Brooklyn brothers were murdered at a young age in hopes of stopping a foretold future by Christ from becoming reality. However, after a 20-year slumber at an eerie graveyard, the four brothers reemerged older with ultimate darkness within their souls...

Phantom Four, Sons of Darkness

Now deceased from the living world with no memory of their past or family, the ghostly enigmas now known as the Phantom Four must battle to protect the souls of Planet Earth from falling to Satan and villains like him. Both Heaven and Hell are watching them.

Powers & Abilities

Elemental Mastery:

The brothers have control of the Earth's elements such as fire, air, water, and lightning. They each have a particular element they prefer to use.


Power of Darkness:

Their most destructive power. With it, the brothers can create black holes, absorb souls to heal, possess other bodies, etc. It also allows them to summon various abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, shape-shifting, etc. just by thinking about it. Unfortunately, this power is highly cursed...


Reality Alteration:

To help the brothers blend in with the world of the living, the brothers can bend reality itself in various but small ways. They can for example, make small objects appear just by thinking about them, whether the objects are real or not. For this reason, money is no problem for them at all.



The brothers can shift from ethereal spirit form to durable corpse form, and vice versa. By default, their eyes glow, but they can control them not to. In either form, they can fly, and can teleport to various realms such as Heaven, Hell, and Limbo.


Nightmare Soul:

Connected to the power of darkness, the brothers are each capable of turning into a nightmarish creature of folk lore. They become immensely powerful, but at the risk of being influenced by the darkness...


Red Alert:

The brothers have a telepathic warning sense that alerts them of supernatural or paranormal villains in the area, before any danger occurs.



Because the brothers are dead, they are no longer aging, and no living being can harm them. Only warriors with a specific dark pattern in their souls can harm them, or an enchanted/cursed object or element. They are also unable to harm each other. In addition, they do not need to eat, drink, shower, sleep, or even breathe.


Heavenly Weapons:

The brothers can each wield weapons forged from the Heavens. These weapons contain God's heavenly light to help counteract the darkness within their souls. They are made of Arctanium, which is a unique crystalline metal from Heaven that looks a lot like ice.


Fear Effect:

Because of the darkness within their souls, the brothers emit an aura that repels the male gender into cowering and fearing that the brothers will hurt them. The more they are around the brothers, the stronger the fear grows. Young children are immune to this. It is extremely difficult and at times painful for the brothers to stop emitting this effect.


The Aura:

In connection to the Fear Effect, the same aura attracts the female gender into wanting them romantically and sexually, just like that of a vampire arousing a maiden. The closer the ladies are to them, the harder it is to resist. Fortunately, the brothers have enough morality not to take advantage of this, unless absolutely necessary.



Because the power of darkness is cursed, a god-like shadow demon named Kable can randomly appear and attack the brothers at any time. Kable is immune to their red alert, so they won't know he's there until he reveals himself. Kable has no soul, and no mercy... In addition, if used enough, the darkness within the brothers may influence them to do horrible things.


Shadow Reflection:

For reasons not yet known, when the brothers look into any mirror, they appear as opaque shadows. They cannot be photographed, filmed, or even drawn -- it will all appear as silhouettes.


White Noise:

The brothers are unable to use telephones or recording devices, as their voices will sound like ghostly winds. They cannot use computers or even write on paper. Some parts of the living world they are cut off from, and even reality alteration cannot fix it.


Rest In Peace:

If the brothers suffer too much damage in battle, their souls are forced into a state of inactivity, and will heal for exactly three minutes and twenty seconds (3:20). During this time, they cannot be harmed, but they also cannot fight, giving villains a decent amount of time to wreck havoc.


No Resurrection:

While the brothers are practically gods, one thing they cannot do is bring someone back from the dead. Once someone dies, there is nothing the brothers can do about it.

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