Written by Roger Wilson, the following books contain everything you'd want to see in a motion picture, but instead of seeing it, you get the sheer enjoyment of imagining the events as you read along! Hardcore action, detailed fight scenes, heart-warming romance, bone-chilling horror, sex scenes, hilarious comedy, all in awesome tales of mystery and suspense featuring the most compelling characters you will ever witness! Lose yourself in their darkness...

Phantom Four: Children of the Grave

Four brothers go through an unfortunate “accident” at a young age, and somehow reemerge 20 years later with no memory of their past or family. They now have cursed powers of darkness within their souls. They soon find out that they must protect New York City from the rise of Satan and his devils from Hell. Each try to live normal lives with girlfriends, but it gets increasingly difficult. Their women are the only thing keeping them sane. Join the brothers on the road no one has ever traveled, as they discover their purpose… This story contains non-stop action, detailed fight scenes, witty comedy, heartfelt romance, bone-chilling horror, and mystery & suspense.


WARNING: Contains violence & gore, sexual content, and adult language. Not intended for children.


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Phantom Four: Dark Evolution

More power, more problems… The sons of darkness are back in an all-new adventure! Having evolved into true creatures of the night, a new threat emerges. Black Miriam is a power-hungry sorceress obsessed with her desire to make the entire world worship her, losing their free will. In addition, Satan seeks revenge in subtle methods, and the brothers’ girlfriends have grown increasingly suspicious of their secrecy, and want answers. Can the haunted heroes overcome insurmountable odds? Or will it all be too much? The entire world rests on their shoulders… again. Dark Evolution provides paramount action, romance, sex, horror, and an awesome tale.


WARNING: Contains violence & gore, sexual content, and adult language. Not intended for children.


Cover art by Roger Wilson.

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