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Alias: Lucifer, The Devil 


The eternal arch-nemesis of The Savior, the unholy one known as Satan has been secretly taking over the world through typically normal means, such as money, politics, and subliminal advertising. He seeks to corrupt souls, and lure them away from Christ, so they will eventually enter his nightmarish realm of Hell, becoming nothing more than his playthings. Satan knows of the Phantom Four, and will stop at nothing to end them.


Black Miriam

Name: Miriam (last name unrevealed)

Born as a sorceress with intelligence and maturity beyond her age, Black Miriam seeks absolute power. She is merciless and doesn't care who she has to hurt or kill to get what she wants -- even her own family... Her mastery of witchcraft and black magic make her a highly dangerous threat. Despite her red hair, and her attractive figure in her trademark sexy office clothing, she has such a black soul, that she has been referred to as the "devil in a dress."



The god-like shadow demon that haunts the Phantom Four, and attacks them without warning. Kable has no soul at all, so he is a completely heartless sadist. Power-wise, he is capable of anything -- so much so, that he has been undefeated against the Phantom Four. Hailing from the Realm of Darkness, he lives only to torture the brothers in every possible way. Kable will even murder others in cold blood just so the brothers will regret their existence.



Name: (Unrevealed)

A low-life thug and street hustler who had sold his soul to the Devil and died... Now, he is a thug who worships Satan as one of his soldiers from Hell. With powers of pyrokinesis, telekinesis, and the ability to generate Hellfire (which is fire that can harm the Phantom Four), Inferno exists only to serve the Devil, and to fight the Phantom Four. With a ghetto mentality, he will sink to incredible lows, including endanger children to complete his tasks.



Name: (Unrevealed)

A very talented magician and martial artist who lost his life after a bad deal with Satan... Now he serves as one of the soldiers from Hell. Omen has the power to generate deadly sharp javelin-like spears of dark energy, which he can use to drain enemies' health, impale them horribly, or use in combat. He also has leaping agility, and a projectile forcefield. Combined with his skills in the God Fist combat style and modified Karate, Omen is a force to be reckoned with.



Name: (Unrevealed)

A very attractive and curvaceous woman who offered her soul to the Devil to become the irresistible "definition of sexy." She died and got her wish, but now obeys Satan without question. Her body and voice are hypnotic and can seduce people to obey her -- even kill themselves. Skittles is also extremely flexible, and can create razor-sharp talons or fire pink energy comets to attack her foes. The Phantom Four, and Casino in particular have had a hard time resisting her figure.



Name: (Unrevealed)

A gypsy who gave her life to Satan in the hopes that she would become immortal. Ruthless enough to kill her only daughter to receive that wish, Memory is currently more than 700 years old, and serves the Devil. She lost her powers to tamper with the memories of others when she created a spell to kill the four "chosen ones." However, those chosen ones became the Phantom Four, and Satan made her old and frail as a punishment.



Name: (Unrevealed)

A family man who made a very bad deal with Satan to give him the power to protect his wife and children from thieves. Satan turned him into a fierce sasquatch monster with an uncontrollable rage to kill. Jagin ended up eating his own family. The shock and guilt of which made him commit suicide. Now he serves Satan while hiding out in the cursed Black Forest to kill unwary travelers. The Phantom Four however, won't allow that to happen.



Name: (Unrevealed)

A half-Japanese, half-Chinese ninja assassin working for Black Miriam. She is silent and prefers to let her fighting skills do the talking. She is a master at Kung-Fu, has amazingly natural speed and reflexes, and to top it off, she is half-demon. Her entire left side can become demonic and can release devastating projectiles of energy, or create tendrils to impale her enemies, or create a demonic naginata to wield in combat. Raige has some respect for The Legend as a fighter.



Name: Bridget Kelly

A thief from Los Angeles who lost her life, and somehow reemerged as a banshee. Her sonic screams are ear-piercing to say the least. Cyrin is also able to fly, has super-strong hair that she can use as tentacles, and her red eyes can drain a soul of their vitality. She seems to love violence. Her attitude may be from the unintentionally cold way that Casino rejected her from becoming his girlfriend after having sex with her on the beach. She may never forgive him.



Name: Shawn Blake

The ex-boyfriend of Vanessa Carter, after he cheated on her with another woman. He had since been wanting to win her back since they haven't slept together, but she always rejected him. Desperate, he unintentionally sold his soul to Satan, only to get a bad deal. He died and became the charred-skin, jagged-bladed, smoke-emitting monster Serpent, who also has hyper speed and can breathe Hellfire. He is the herald of the Devil's pet monster Cerberus.



The guardian demon of the bottomless pit within the realm of Hell. As one falls down there, Abaddon attacks his victims. The farther they fall down the pit, the stronger and more invincible he becomes. Descending too far down spells doom... His demonic skin has natural camouflage, he can fly, and he can fight outside of the bottomless pit as well. While in camouflage, he can heal any wounds. He loves to increase the body count of the endlessly falling victims at the pit.



A marionette created by Black Miriam that took the form of an attractive blonde young woman. Because she is a marionette, she cannot live without Miriam, and is forever bound to serve her. She has an enticing personality, and likes to wear different sultry outfits to taunt her enemies. She can shape-shift her clothing, has super speed, and can fire energy blasts. While doing Miriam's bidding, Temptress looks to have fun whenever she can -- at her enemies' expense.



The watchdog of Hell, and Satan's massive pet. Cerberus is extremely large, and has three heads with dog faces. Though large enough to swallow victims whole, he likes to chew and savor his victims. Cerberus is unable to speak, but he can see and hear telepathically through his guardian and herald, Serpent. His center head can breathe Hellfire, his left head can fire heat lasers, his right head can throw projectiles to make pools of lava, and his massive body can create earthquakes.



In The Bowels of Sanctuary - Derek R. Audette
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