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The Legend

Name: Rex Williams

Height: 5' 11"     Weight: 232 lbs.

A skilled master of the martial arts, Rex is a disciplined fighter in the ways of both Shotokan Karate and Jeet Kune Do. He is a man of high morality. Rex is also brave and heroic in all situations, and against any enemy. His brothers turn to him for leadership. His resolve is as mountain hard as his training regimen. Though from the United States, Rex is heavily influenced by both Japanese and Chinese culture, and can even meditate into a Zen-like state.



Name: Kevin Green

Height: 5' 10"     Weight: 235 lbs.

A mysterious man of vast intelligence, Kevin is one of the most brilliant minds of the 21st century, capable of using far more than 10% of his brain. He is also an enigma, who is silent and cunning. He is often seen contemplating in deep thought. He practices chivalry, and has high curiosity for the unknown. Skilled in MMA submission and counter attack, he can outsmart his enemies in combat with ease. Kevin is by far the loner of the team.


Big Dog

Name: Paul Warner

Height: 6' 1"     Weight: 300 lbs.

An aggressive and violent street brawler, Paul has a thug-like, nearly villainous mentality with a quick temper. His explosive anger often leads to horrific results. He genuinely loves to fight, and has skills in wrestling and boxing. Paul is also built with muscle, and has great strength and durability. While Paul speaks the language of the streets, he isn't dumb by any means. His desire to punish enemies however, conceals his soft side for young children.



Name: Oscar Jones

Height: 5' 10"     Weight: 230 lbs.

A high roller and ladies' man, Oscar is the "wild card" of the team who lives life on the edge. With a sixth sense in probability, he always seems to have the odds in his favor. It's not really a gamble to him at all. O.J. has skills in Judo, Muay Thai, and assassination arts. In addition, women find Oscar extremely attractive and are drawn to him so much, that he has them sprung before he says a single word. He is charismatic, humorous, and a proven hero.



Name: Adriana Morrison

The spectral guide who assists the Phantom Four in certain aspects, such as informing them of hard-to-find information. Once a widely popular and sexy rock star of the metal band, Venom, she now serves a higher purpose. Adriana now has unrevealed powers that includes shape-shifting and illusion casting. She has also blended basic Kung-Fu with lucha libre to form a beautiful and deadly art of combat. She secretly wishes to fight alongside the Phantom Four.


Jericho West

A legendary vampire hunter from London who is mostly British and part-Romanian. For decades, he has battled Count Dracula and his vampire covenant, as well as other paranormal creatures. Long ago, he drank a rare serum that immensely slows down his aging. Armed with the enchanted sword Excalibur, as well as special firearms and ammunition, Jericho will continue to be a constant threat to Dracula's reign.


Erica Smith

The kind and articulate sister of the Phantom Four, but they cannot remember her. She studies literature at Columbia University. She believes that her brothers' deaths weren't an accident, and that Memory may have been responsible. Erica has been training with vampire hunter Jericho West, alongside Kylie Morton on a quest of her own. She wishes to end Memory's existance, and avenge her brothers, unaware that her brothers are avenging the entire world.


The Savior

Name: Jesus Christ

The ultimate example of a hero, He was sent from the Heavens to Earth many years ago and healed the sick, brought food to the lands, and saved many. His father later allowed Him to be sacrificed on the crucifix so that the sins of all mankind can be forgiven. Now, many worship and love Jesus, as well they should, because He first loved us. Residing in Heaven, He said that one day He shall return to Earth. In the meantime, He is the only one who knows of the Phantom Four's true purpose.


Amy Johnson

The girlfriend of Kevin Green, and a student at New York University. Amy moved from Miami when she was young with dreams of becoming a famous singer or actress. She is an amazing singer, a talented dancer, and is also known as one of the most beautiful, sought-after women in New York. In fact, she can be described as the quintessential "dream girl" for many men. Currently, she is a waitress at the Four Aces jazz club in Chelsea.


Vanessa Carter

The girlfriend of Rex Williams, and a bank representative at Quality Bank. Vanessa is a loving woman with a sense of humor, and is quite intelligent. She suffered from a bad relationship with Shawn Blake, who cheated on her with another woman, and seems relentless in trying to get her back. It was Rex who showed her what a real man is. Vanessa senses something special in Rex, but can't explain it. However, she has no idea just how right she is...


Sandra Hardy

A reporter for Channel 10 News, and a student at New York University studying in journalism. Sandra is also Amy Johnson's dorm roommate and best friend. Always up for a hard-hitting story, her curiosity sometimes gets the best of her. She has become nearly obsessed with finding out who the Phantom Four are. In fact, she was the first to refer to them by that name. In the near future, her life will change dramatically.


Maria Daniels

The girfriend of Paul Warner, and a hostess at Club Spiral in Times Square, Manhattan. She is also a talented seamstress who wants to become a fashion designer with her own clothing line. She describes herself as a mix between a tomboy and a "girly-girl," with a style similar to that of Alyssa Milano and the late singer Aaliyah, though she's not above wearing dresses or high heels. She also loves sports and is a hardcore fan for many of New York's sports teams.


Lindsay Vega

A fiery and passionate Latina, and a bartender at Club Spiral. She is working towards a bachelor's degree in business, and has dreams of owning her own nightclub, or perhaps even buying Club Spiral. She and Maria Daniels are best friends. Lindsay's curves attracted the attention of Oscar Jones, and they have dated. Just like Oscar, Lindsay too isn't looking for a relationship and just wants to have fun. Though, she admits that Oscar made quite the impression on her.


Kylie Morton

A student at Columbia University who studies nursing. She has become best friends with Erica Smith, who both have connections to deaths possibly caused by Memory. Kylie also comes from a family of historians, so she knows information that isn't common knowledge. Recently, she's been training with vampire hunter Jericho West, with whom she is familiar. She wants to learn the truth about the death of one of her ancestors long ago. 



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